Cleaning Up

Welcome back to the CloseBrace blog. We've got plenty of stuff to talk about today, but let's start with a tweet from last week:

This is one of the truest things I've ever tweeted. As I've begun tackling bugs and missing features in CloseBrace, I've found over and over again that it's not the basics that take time, but the fine details. "Create a comment model and get the site displaying comments" is fast — took me like an hour. But getting all the little details working properly, testing, fixing bugs, etc? That's where the time goes.

But that's OK! This is a big part of web development, and honestly the nice thing is that it lets you check off lots of little boxes on your bug/feature list. At least, assuming you've broken it down and aren't just using big-ticket descriptions like "comments fully working," which I don't advise, because it can get super demotivating to do days and days of work and not even close a single bug!

The good news is, I've closed a bunch of issues already this week on the newly opened CloseBrace github repo. More will come in the next few days, as I continue to hammer on this stuff. I'm excited by how close the site is, now, to what I'd envisioned when I started working on it. Can't wait to share it with everyone!

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