CloseBrace - Coming Soon!

I'm writing today with exciting news. Well, I'm excited, anyway, and I hope you will be too! For the last several years I've worked as a contractor / freelancer, first for a single San Francisco startup and then, for the last fourteen months, for multiple freelance clients. During that time I've been able to sock away money towards a dream: running my own startup.

Well, that dream starts now. As of November 14th, I will be working full-time on! will feature both text and video tutorials on JavaScript-related subjects. We're going to start by building out a complete Node / Express / Mongo / React app from scratch, covering everything from setup and development environment to complex state management with Redux and immutable.js, to deployment on a live server. It's going to take a while to get all of that content created and out there, but I'm going to chop it up into bite-sized pieces that'll make for regular updates (and keep from overwhelming everyone).

Sound interesting? I hope so. If you want to help support CloseBrace, please let people know about this email signup. I'll be back in touch very soon with more information, including a tentative launch date!


Christopher Buecheler
Founder, CloseBrace

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