This Week In CloseBrace - February 23rd, 2018

A short but productive week for CloseBrace. I posted tutorials, wrote and recorded new ones, improved the site, and did some work on future tutorial series. Let's get to it!


My latest free tutorial is JS Quick Hits 5 - Variable Destructuring, which I posted to the site on Wednesday. Of course, readers of my newsletter got that one last Friday, and got tutorial number six today (including the video version). Why not sign up and get tips, tutorials, and resources delivered to your inbox every week?

Site Improvements

Well, for one thing, my contact form isn't getting relentlessly hammered by Russian spambots anymore. That's a big plus for me, anyway! I've also cleaned up a bunch of code (I'm slowly converting everything from ES5 to ES2017), and made a bunch of back-end changes that aren't visible yet. One of the major things I'm doing is preparing the site to be able to sell tutorials as packages. I got started this week, but will have more to talk about on that front next week.

Future Tutorials

I finished all of the UI mockups for the podcast app we'll be building in my next major tutorial series, Dead Simple React Native. I've got a couple of friends, including a UX specialist, taking a look at it now and giving feedback. It's a simple app, but I want to make sure it's not clunky or cumbersome to use!

I promised some screenshots last week, so here's a few:


That's about it for this week! See you next Friday.

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