Earning Your Stripes

We've reached what I suspect will be the most difficult part of CloseBrace development – not that it's been without its difficulties here and there already! Today I start working on Stripe integration. Obviously, integrating Stripe's code itself shouldn't be that hard; they've got tons of documentation on how to do it. What will be the difficult part is making sure the pipeline works: that it properly upgrades a member to CloseBrace Pro, gives them access to their benefits, and keeps track of their subscription.

CloseBrace Pro will have monthly and yearly pricing options. The system will need to renew these plans on the appropriate date and, if the card fails or the user cancels, correctly downgrade the account at the right time. This is going to involve—I think—server-side cron jobs that hit web services periodically. I've never written anything like that. Hooray, yet more stuff to learn (and in this case, it's not even stuff I'll probably pass on to readers, since it's not really JavaScript-related).

BUT! I gotta do it, because without multiple revenue streams, this site's unlikely to survive. Not unless someone wants to pay me full-time to maintain it, which seems unlikely! So I'll learn what I have to learn, implement what I have to implement, and get Stripe up and running so that people can (and hopefully will) subscribe to CloseBrace Pro.

What does CloseBrace Pro get you? Stay tuned. We'll have more on that soon!

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