Let's Get Social

At CloseBrace, we recognize the inalienable right to consume the heck out of content on whatever platform you happen to prefer! To that end, we're going to be making stuff available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We'll consider SnapChat and other platforms if people request them, so don't be shy about speaking up!

What will we be posting? Well, we're still figuring all of that out! The current plan is: YouTube will of course contain our video tutorials and other video content (our first upload—not a tutorial but an introduction—is coming later this week) and will be updated whenever we have new video content to post. Twitter is for multiple daily updates, thoughts, retweets of JavaScript-related stuff, and links to content on CloseBrace.com. Facebook will be updated a couple of times a week, mostly with links to CloseBrace content, but will also be a place at which we can interact with users. Instagram is likely to be more sporadic, but will contain short clips from videos (including outtakes), screenshots, and other stuff we think our users will like.

Want to follow CloseBrace? Visit us at the following accounts:

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