Polishing Up

I've received a bunch of bug reports from my beta testers on the "code complete" version of the MVP site — ie: the site that's feature-complete enough to launch. The bad news is: they found a lot of stuff. The good news is: nearly all of it was spit-n-polish fixes rather than core bugs (there was, however, one nasty mistake in the code that allowed any user to delete any other user's comments … whoops!). I've been busy cleaning those up and am almost through the list.

This has, unfortunately, not left a ton of time for tutorial production. I'll be moving as fast as I can. My current goal is to launch with my three existing tutorials (updated of course!), along with the first six tutorials in the Five Minute React series:

  • Installing Sublime Text
  • Configuring Sublime Text
  • Installing Node
  • Intro to NPM / Yarn
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Set up Github

The good news is: none of those are hard or require a ton of research. The bad news is: they still require writing, recording, video editing, and all that other stuff that takes time. I'll crank on them as much as I can, but I'm not sure I can produce six of them by Monday. We'll see!

Sorry for the short update today ... got bugs to kill.

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