Slicing and Dicing Video

I've spent the last few days writing scripts, recording video, and then editing all of the parts where I screw up a line out of the finished product. This usually also involves editing out some swearing … I'm a man who loves his profanity. I've got three tutorials in the bag, one of which is basically two tutorials since it covers the full install process for Node.js on both Mac and Windows. The next one on the list is an into to NPM and Yarn, which is platform-independent, and then installing MongoDB, which will also require Windows and Mac sections.

I'm hoping to be able to burn through those pretty quickly, but the truth is I haven't used Yarn much and need to do a little research before I can write that part of the script. So ... now I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning!

I've gotten pretty comfortable with basic video editing in Premiere, and have even managed to learn a few tricks, like freeze-framing and cross-fades. Like most complex programs, I could spend a lifetime using it and still not master every tool it provides, but for the purposes of a JavaScript tutorial site, it's proven to be pretty approachable. I'm looking forward to the part where stuff becomes second nature and I can get really fast with it, the way I am with Photoshop, but I'm starting to establish a pretty solid workflow.

Today's editing was a bit of a pain because I was trying to merge video captured in multiple different screen resolutions. Lesson learned: the next time I do a combo Mac/PC video, I'm setting both screens to 1080p ahead of time. This stuff is a whole lot more fun if you do the legwork ahead of time to make it easy on yourself! Changing resolution takes ten seconds. Trying to learn how to reconcile videos at different resolutions (and then downsample to 720p, no less) takes a whole lot longer!

I got it done, though, and am ready to move on to the next. I'll let you know on Friday how far I've gotten.

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