So Begins The Bug-Pocalypse!

After opening up the site to a few beta testers on Friday, I got a bunch of bug reports right away. Several of the testers even apologized for producing so many reports, which is nice of them, but this is what I wanted! The thing with building websites is: you get used to using them one specific way, and then you inevitably forget to test other approaches. That's what makes having other people involved so important.

So, the bugs piled in, and when I got back to work yesterday, I began squashing them. Here's what I've fixed or added since Monday morning:

  • Search box should focus when enabled
  • Make search box close icon more visible
  • Fix confirm email(s) to point to the right domain
  • Make it easier to copy link in plaintext confirm email
  • Fix contact form still wanting a phone number
  • Make sure contact form actually does anything
  • Improve email checking on contact form
  • Improve email checking on login/register forms (it's still not perfect, but ... it's never gonna be. Impossible to weed out every fake)
  • Drop password requirement to 8 chars because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Make usernames alphanumeric only
  • Fix bad links to user profile in author credits
  • Fix broken photo on about page
  • Remove final jQuery dependencies, then remove jQuery
  • Make sure that referral links are clearly explained in the terms of service
  • Add a "we reserve the right to delete anything, any time, for any reason" to community guidelines
  • Make homepage differentiate correctly between tutorials and articles
  • Hide "read" buttons on indices on big screens
  • Make sidebars consistent (ie: show twitter feed everywhere)
  • Make all form validation not look terrible
  • Make Tags Index
  • Wire Up Tags Index

Whew! That's a pretty big list. Some of them were small tweaks, some of them larger coding adventures, but it's good to have all of those done.

This week I'll be letting a few more testers in, fixing up some more bugs, and also getting started on the features I need to reach a point where I'm comfortable releasing the site to the public. Then I just have to flesh it out with some initial content, and we're off to the races!

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