The Final Mile

We're in what is often referred to in the United States as the home stretch. That's a horse racing term, and it refers to the end of the race, when the final curve's been passed and all that's left is a long straightaway in which the horses can really ramp up the speed for the final push past the finish line.

I spent the early part of this week knocking out bugs and adding a few key features. Here's the list:

  • Checked fiddles in various tutorials
  • Removed the stripe test button from user profile
  • Made sure to link to @closebracejs in twitter box
  • Improved bottom border in twitter frame
  • Removed flag/reply links for logged-out or unverified users
  • Fixed pipes showing up after "flag" and similar when no further options are available
  • Added ability to put videos in tutorials instead of header images
  • Category pages now list by date created
  • Improved Tutorial/Article URL structure
  • Got a login box on the front page (and all pages)
  • Promoted going pro near comments, in other places
  • Login takes user back to where they were at

So that's some good stuff. As you can see, a lot of those are smaller features and tweaks. We're well past stuff like "build out the tutorials index," which is great! I have a little bit of cleanup to do on the videos – my testers have found a few areas where things are unclear or need additional info – and then it's time to lock things down, get them ready for production, and launch this thing.

Stay tuned: on Friday I'm going to announce when that's happening!

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