This Week In CloseBrace - 5/5/17

This week, like last week, has been principally dedicated to two things. First: writing, recording, editing, and posting tutorials. Second: working on the new CloseBrace comments system. Sorry if I sound a bit like a broken record, but I want this comment system to be good, and as a result I've had to put a lot of time into it. It's really come a long way, though, and the finish line's in sight. I can't wait to roll it out to my testers and … then probably get flooded with bugs and suggestions for improvement!

Tutorials! On Tuesday I posted Five Minute React 15 - Git Branching, in which we talk about how branching works and create a "develop" branch in which to, well, develop! On Thursday I posted Five Minute React 16 - Data Modeling in which we talk about data modeling, install Mongoose, and create our first model, User, which we'll shortly be tying into authentication.

Speaking of authentication, let's talk about the two videos I wrote, recorded, and edited this week, which will be posted next week. The first is Five Minute React 17 - Setting Up Passport, which covers the installation and wiring in of the module that we're going to use for authentication (and some companion modules). After that we'll be posting Five Minute React 18 - Setting Up Testing, in which we bring in Jest and SuperTest so that we can write unit tests as we build out our API.

Let's talk comments. Last week I mentioned that I'd been focused primarily on display and would need to move over to the API at some point. That happened this week. After I cleaned up a few more display issues, I moved over to getting to a point where I can reliably create both new comments and replies using POSTs to the API (previously, I'd used Keystone's routes, which cause page refreshes and require views to render – now everything is done via JavaScript with no page refresh). This brought to light a bunch of bugs, most of which I've stomped down. I still have a few more things to tweak, and I still want to add a points system so people can upvote comments, but we're getting very close to beta on this new system!

Once comments are done, I'm going to take a short development break and focus on content. I want to get to being two weeks ahead on videos, and I also want to write a couple of articles that've been kicking around my head. Then it'll be back to more bugfixes and improvements.

That's it for this week. Catch you later!

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