This Week In CloseBrace - October 13, 2017

It was a short week, as I took Monday off to relax. Still managed to get a bunch done, though! I spent a good amount of time researching and testing SMTP services before deciding that the good folks at Mailgun had the offering that would best work for my users. Then it was on to tutorials!

First off, I posted two new ones, as usual. Five Minute React 59 - Back-End Validation walks you through making sure that the form data you're submitting doesn't cause conflicts at the API level. Five Minute React 60 - Reset Password Part 1 covers generating and storing a password reset hash, which begins the process of allowing users to request a password reset and change their password. Next week we'll continue with Five Minute React 61 - Reset Password Part 2, and then move on to Five Minute React 62 - Setting Up SMTP so we can email users their link to put in a new password. The following week, we'll talk about securing our app by moving our API keys and various secrets to a file that doesn't end up in version control, and then build the actual form for changing a password.

I also wrote the first script for my new series, JS Quick Hits, which will be short, individual tutorials that just explain various JavaScript concepts. Everything from stuff that's been there a long time like, to new ES2015/16/17 features, to general good practices and patterns. My goal for these videos is 2-3 minutes, tops, and I'm hoping to produce two of them a week to go along with the Five Minute React series. If you have particular things you'd like to see explained, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

That's it for this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'll see you back here next Friday.

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