This Week In CloseBrace - 7/21/17

It's been an awesome week! I'm really happy with everything I managed to get done. I've got tutorials aplenty, an article that's really taking shape now, a better vision for where I want to take the site, and even had time to clean up a few clerical matters and plan some development.

Tutorials first. We've got two new Five Minute React episodes available for your learning pleasure. In Five Minute React 37 - API Endpoint: Registration, we build out an Express API endpoint that allows us to register new users, complete with password hashing and Passport integration. In Five Minute React 38 - Log In and Log Out, we create the endpoints that will allow those users to log in and out. Next week, we start setting up our React app to talk to these endpoints, in Five Minute React 39 - A Basic Intro to Redux and Five Minute React 40 - Setting Up The Store.

I also wrote, recorded, edited, and posted (to my dev site) three tutorials this week: the aforementioned Five Minute React 40 - Setting Up The Store, along with Five Minute React 41 - Redux Actions, and Five Minute React 42 - Redux Tools. We're really getting into the meat of development now, doing fewer tests and more things that we'll actually be using in the finished app. I'm four full tutorials ahead now, which is awesome, and sets me up well for my vacation in August. I'll be spending two weeks in France. My current plan is to drop down to one tutorial a week for those two weeks, so that I don't burn through my entire backlog before getting home. I hope you folks will be OK with that!

My Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript article is really taking shape! I've got all of the quotes from various developers incorporated, and have received some excellent feedback from my beta readers. I'll finish up a major copyedit today, cutting down on excess words and clarifying things, and then it's time to start adding some elements to keep things visually interesting: screenshots, pull quotes, and the like. I think I'm going to hold the actual article's release until after I get back from vacation. It's a good piece, and I want to promote it widely, and be available to respond to comments and feedback.

That's about it for this week. I'll have more for you next week before I head off to France, including some actual improvements to the site. Catch you then!

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