This Week in CloseBrace - 12/2/16

It's been a busy week here at CloseBrace HQ,and it's time to give you guys a glimpse into what's been cooking.

First and foremost: we have a tentative launch date! CloseBrace is expected to go live on February 6th, 2016. That should give me plenty of time to build the site and stock it with an initial batch of tutorials, after which I'll have a regular update schedule.

We also launched our first video, an introduction to CloseBrace. Check it out!

Other news: As mentioned in the previous blog post, we've got all of our social accounts up and running now. You can follow along with progress on whatever social network you like. If we don't currently support something you love, give us a shout and we'll see about changing that.

It hasn't been all social networks and video recording/editing this week, though. I also took a dive into KeystoneJS, a content management system built on Node.JS, Express, and MongoDB … three technologies that you know I like. I have it up and running locally and have been experimenting with it. I considered building my own CMS from scratch, but it seemed like the site would be better-served if I spent more of my time focusing on tutorials and less of it on development, so I'm going to be using Keystone to jump-start the process. There's still lot of development to do—keystone is more of a platform on which to build a CMS than a fully-functioning CMS out of the box—but this should help me hit that February 6th launch date.

Other things? Well, I also spent some time getting my screen recorders set up and tested on both my MacBook Pro and my Windows 10 desktop. This means that for videos like "installing and setting up Sublime Text for MEAN/MERN development" and "Getting MongoDB running as a service" I can provide both Mac and Windows versions. Sometimes it's handy being device-agnostic!

Oh, and if you prefer text tutorials, don't worry! I may not have made this clear, but every single CloseBrace tutorial will feature full text with screenshots and code snippets, and of course full code on github. The goal is to let people learn in whichever way they find the most convenient.

See you next week!

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