This Week In CloseBrace - 01/06/17

We're back! It was a slightly shortened week at CloseBrace, as I didn't get back to work on the site until Tuesday, but I've made some really excellent progress in a variety of important areas. I'll get to that in a bit, but first, in the spirit of being open, I want to mention some less happy news. For the first time, I'm behind on a few milestones. Here they are:

  • Ad Solution for Sites in place
  • Payment Gateways Chosen and Set Up
  • Incorporation
  • Company Bank Account Set Up
  • MusicList Tutorial Series Fully Planned

The reasons are as follows:

  • I have three different ad solutions established and am still testing to determine which one I want to go with.
  • I have a Stripe account set up, but the CloseBrace site isn't quite ready to start testing integration.
  • My lawyer's working on incorporation. This will mostly happen in the background except for a few forms I have to sign.
  • Waiting on incorporation.
  • Mea culpa – I thought I'd get more done over the holiday than ended up being the case. In particular, I wildly underestimated how much getting my wisdom teeth removed would impact (no pun intended) my productivity. It took away a lot more mental energy than I thought it would. Oh, and btw, MusicList is the app we'll be building in the first tutorial series.

I believe I can catch these milestones back up in the coming days, particularly the ones relating to incorporation, which isn't strictly even necessary since I don't have any employees (but which I want to do for a variety of reasons). The payment gateways represent by far the most work, but I'm confident I can handle it. The key is getting the site to a point where it makes sense to start incorporating them, which leads us to the more fun news: what've I been doing this week, if not working on the milestones above?

The simple answer is "site development" – there's a lot of stuff that needs to come together in order for CloseBrace to reach beta-test-able levels. The first thing I had to do was get the articles index running, and be able to display individual articles, which are a different content type than tutorials. That's done. I also needed to get support into the tutorials (and articles) for info boxes, tip boxes, and inline images, and appropriately style those things. That's all done ... mostly; huge images still break the page, but I'll be fixing that shortly.

Another extremely important piece of the site is authentication. Keystone features extremely basic login/logout functionality, and I can manually create users, but as far as a "register for closebrace" page or anything like that, I'm on my own. So I'm pleased to say that after a bunch of research, building, and testing, I have a registration page that successfully signs a user up for the site and logs them in. It also emails them a confirmation code. Next up: making that code work, building out the account display and editing pages, and other auth-related stuff. Once that's finished, we'll be very close to an exciting milestone: beta testing! That's when I'll be asking some of you folks to help me out, in return for fabulous rewards.

But more on that soon. For now, have a great weekend, and I'll be back with another dev post on Tuesday.

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