This Week In CloseBrace - 2/3/17

It's Friday again, and time for the weekly wrapup. We've made tremendous progress this week, but there's still quite a bit left to do. I'm afraid we won't be launching on Monday, but I feel confident that we're not far away. The to-do list is shrinking rapidly.

The bulk of the work went into the commenting system. As I explained in the previous update, I have several reasons for wanting to write my own comment solution instead of going with an existing one. I'm pleased to say that I have a reasonably robust, albeit basic, commenting system working on both tutorials and articles. There are still a few more bells and whistles to add, but it's coming along and should provide a solid platform for future enhancement.

Other than commenting, it's been mostly bug-fixes, visual enhancements, and smaller feature additions. If you're really curious, here's a big ol' list of the latest changes:

  • Add email field to user account page
  • Make errobox appear/disappear appropriately
  • Uppercase tag names on tag index page
  • Lock Down Express as well as possible
  • Create comments model
  • Wire up comment display
  • Wire up adding comments
  • Fix URLs in confirm emails so that they actually use the right querystring param
  • Sanitize comment form
  • Wire up deleting comments (for admins only)
  • Wire up flagging comments
  • Finish styling comment form
  • Fix image scaling issues on homepage at different resolutions
  • Escape search bar with esc and exterior click
  • Adjust form styling to be a little less huge and garish
  • Fix non-https user icons on tutorial page
  • Add comments to articles

Not bad, right? I've pushed all of these changes to the testing server and alerted my beta testers to them, so hopefully over the weekend I'll get some eyeballs on it. The good news is: the to-do list is shorter than the list above. I'm not saying I can knock it all out in the next week, but I'll be trying.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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