This Week In CloseBrace -2/17/17

It's been another busy week full of bugs, bank accounts, and … what's a synonym for feature development that starts with a B? Building! There we go. Everyone loves alliteration, right? That's what all the kids are into.

Anyway, lots of stuff got done this week. First off, CloseBrace now has a bank account of its own. I know, this is really not a very exciting development, but it's nice to be able to tick off that particular biz milestone. I've also started working with a lawyer on trademark registration, so I can put a little "tm" next to the CloseBrace logo and feel all fancy.

Outside of business nonsense that I suspect most people don't care about, I've been hammering away at the issue list on the github repo. We're down to two of them: usernames not being case sensitive (a dumb oversight on my part that I should be able to fix in about ten minutes, though having said that, I just guaranteed it'll take me four hours) and Stripe integration. I was hoping to have the latter done today, and I still might depending on how things go, but if not today then definitely early next week. Stripe's documentation is really thorough and easy to follow, and I've been able to get their payment widget installed and generating user tokens. From there I need to build out the services to update a user's Pro status and listen for their webhooks to know when a user's subscription has changed.

What else has been fixed / improved? Let's take a look!

  • Converted form placeholders to gender-neutral terms
  • Added beta testers to the about page (woo!)
  • Got some social promo links on the page (fb, instagram, etc)
  • Wired up comment reply links
  • Added user deletion to comments
  • Created post category indices
  • Created CloseBrace Pro signup page

Not bad! I'm excited: gonna be able to start moving on to content creation pretty soon, which is super cool. I already have one tutorial done, but I want to launch with several (including the ones currently found at, so I have to ramp up production there.

That's about it for this week. See you on Tuesday!

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