This Week in CloseBrace - 2/24/17

We're so close! It's been another busy week for CloseBrace, and for much of it I've been head-down in Stripe documentation and payment system coding. It's come together really well, though. Users can subscribe to a variety of CloseBrace Pro plans, see their account change to pro status, and see the benefits of being a CloseBrace Pro (for example, the ads instantly disappear from the site). They can also go to their profile and cancel their subscription at any time -- the site is now smart enough to know that the cancellation happened but retain their benefits through the end of their current billing cycle, at which time Stripe sends out a final event which triggers the downgrading of the account back to CloseBrace basic.

There are still a few loose ends to tie up there, including mailing someone when their credit card fails (and giving them a few days to fix it before canceling the subscription), but the basics will all be in very shortly, and that's all I need to launch. Post-launch I'll be doing some work to improve the system and make it more robust, but I don't want to hold up getting tutorials into people's hands to try to build a crazy-complex payment system!

In addition to Stripe stuff, I also had two meetings this week. One with a CPA, to make sure that CloseBrace, LLC is in proper tax compliance and all that good stuff (long story short: it's not hard to deal with taxes for a one-person company). The other with an advocate of local developer training who may have people interested in what CloseBrace is offering, and who's also just got a lot of really interesting insight into developer training in general. He and I will be talking more in the future, for sure.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! I also managed to find time this week to fully plan out my first tutorial series. I'm going to blog about the specifics on next Tuesday, but suffice it to say that with over 40 tutorials planned just for that series alone, CloseBrace will not be lacking for content once it launches (the plan is to have about five of those tutorials ready to go, then do 2-3 per week from there, depending on what feels like a reasonable schedule).

So, all in all, a great week. We're really close to tech-completion for the MVP site, and I can't wait to announce that. Stay tuned!

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