This Week in CloseBrace - 3/3/17

What a great week! I finished up the basics I needed for Stripe integration and CloseBrace pro subscription, cleaned up a few final bugs, and got the latest build of the site out to my testers. They've found a few issues but nothing that can't be rapidly fixed, and I expect to tackle those this afternoon or Monday morning.

While I was letting the testers test, I converted all three of my existing tutorials to markdown, added them to CloseBrace, fixed up a few formatting bugs that having a full set of content (rather than lorem ipsum) revealed, and am in the process of making sure they're up to date with the latest Node.js/Express/MongoDB builds. They're good primers for people who want to get started with Node and don't want to follow a large-scale full-project tutorial set.

Starting next week, I'll start scripting and recording the new tutorials I detailed on Tuesday for the first major CloseBrace project: "Five Minute React - Building MusicList." The early ones should go pretty fast since they're a lot of basics … setting up text editors, getting things installed, etc. After that my goal will be to produce two new episodes every week. I have literally no idea if that'll actually be possible, but I'm going to give it my best!

We're very close to Launch. I'm hoping for Monday the 13th, but I'll have a better idea of how plausible that is by the end of next week. Thanks for sticking with me even as this ran beyond my original estimation. Turns out that building an entire content website with a subscription model by one's self is complicated!

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