This Week in CloseBrace - 3/10/17

It's snowing here in Providence, because Mother Nature hates me like vegans hate rare steak. Fortunately, my job is to make tutorials, not to spend time outside! I have no idea where I'm going with this intro, so let's get to talking about what happened this week.

On the development side, my bug list for the CloseBrace MVP (minimum viable product - aka a site that does what it needs to do to bring you tutorial content) is down to six items, most of which are extremely minor tweaks! That's awesome, especially when you consider that after last week's wrapup, I received more than a dozen fairly major bugs to address. I've rewritten code, improved visual appearances, stopped using a Twitter icon that's the wrong color … all sorts of stuff (OK, that Twitter bug doesn't really qualify as "fairly major").

I hacked away at all that during the first half of the week, then turned my eye to script-writing, recording, and editing video. I'm in the process of producing tutorials, as you can see from the not-terribly-exciting Instagram shot at the top of this post!

Right now it takes me almost an entire day to write, film, edit, and finish up a five minute video. That'll come down with practice and establishment of best practices, and I think I'll very shortly be able to do two or even three in a day, especially if they don't require a bunch of research. Keep in mind: the landscape is constantly changing and in order to produce these videos I often have to learn new things before I can teach them! That said, the first few videos don't require much in the way of learning/re-learning, so they should go quickly.

We won't be out by Monday, but we're right there, which makes me very happy. I can't wait to get this site launched!

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