This Week in CloseBrace - 3/17/17

It's been an awesome week! I started the week with a single tutorial scripted, recorded, and edited. I'm wrapping up the week with five total, and a sixth in the works. That's really solid! As you can see from the screenshot at the top of this post, it's not all just installation! There's some actual code in there, too. Here are the five tutorials that are so far in the bag:

  1. Installing Sublime
  2. Setting Sublime Up for Node/React Development
  3. Installing Node (Mac and PC)
  4. An Intro to NPM and Yarn
  5. An Intro to Coding w/ 3rd Party Packages

And the sixth, that I'm working on now, is Installing and prepping MongoDB. Once I have that complete, all that's left is a quick update to my existing tutorials to make sure they run on all the latest versions of everything, and a few quick bugfixes/tweaks. Here's what's left on that list:

  • Check fiddles in various tutorials
  • Final Express Lockdown
  • Get a login box on the front page
  • Remove the stripe test button from user profile
  • Promote going pro near comments, in other places
  • Make sure to link to @closebracejs in twitter box
  • See if you can add a bottom border to twitter frame
  • Remove flag/reply links for logged-out or unverified users
  • Fix pipes showing up after "flag" and similar when not further options are available
  • Make it so clicking reply links brings logged-out user to log-in page
  • Add ability to put videos in tutorials instead of header images

That may seem like a lot, but almost all of them are super straightforward and more than a few are couple-minute fixes. I should be able to burn through that entire list in one solid day of work.

There's a few other miscellaneous setup things to do just before launch, including setting up Slack (more on that soon), but we're getting insanely close. That makes me happy.

The other thing that's making me happy? I really like producing these tutorials. It's fun, and I feel like I'm doing something that will hopefully be useful/valuable to people. That was the point of starting this company, so it's really cool that I'm already feeling it. Can't wait to get some real feedback from users!

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