This Week in CloseBrace - 03/24/17

Well, it wouldn't be a startup if you didn't run into some problems once in a while, right?

The week started out really well! I finished off all the videos for the seven new tutorials with which CloseBrace is going to launch. Then I converted 'em all to text and got them looking nice on the site. Then I went through my original tutorials and updated them to work with the latest-n-greatest versions of Node and MongoDB.

With all that done—and seriously, allow me a moment to celebrate because all of my site's launch content is done—I went back to start fixing the final few bugs my beta testers have uncovered …

And that's when my dev server decided to stop working. I could no longer run CloseBrace on my desktop, a windows PC. It still worked fine on my laptop, a MacBook Pro (yes, I'm device-agnostic … my phone's an Android!), but I wasn't enthralled with the idea of launching a website whose code only works on some machines. It's not so much that I'm worried about other developers or anything (the github repo contribution list is 99.9% me, after all), but rather that it just seems ... janky. Bad practice. You want to launch something that's as bulletproof as you can make it.

SO, here we are, almost a day later, and I finally have CloseBrace up and running again. I was using nvm-windows to install multiple versions of Node on my machine. This works fine for everything else I've tried, including my various tutorials, other Express apps, etc. But Keystone, for whatever reason, doesn't like it. Once I removed nvm-windows and deleted all of its Node versions, then reinstalled Node using the basic installer, Keystone decided to work again.

At some point, I'll have time to figuring out why this is the case, but that point isn't right now. I've got a site to launch, and I'd really like to launch it next week. So, I'm back on bug-hunting, but a little later than I'd hoped to be. I thought this update was going to be all about the bugs I'd managed to kill. Instead, that'll probably happen on Tuesday.

Oh, well. Startups, man … this is how it goes!

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