This Week In CloseBrace - 4/14/17

It's been a busy week, split up roughly equally between creating new content, working on development and bug fixes, and doing some work on the server that's still ongoing. That last one has involved a lot of swearing (server admin: neither my favorite thing, nor the thing I am best at).

Let's talk tutorials. I'm officially a week ahead now, which is still a week behind where I'd like to be. Basically, when I post a tutorial on a Tuesday, it was actually recorded and edited on the previous Tuesday. There are several reasons I want to get ahead and stay ahead, but most of them come down to the fact that lead time is always valuable. My currently schedule is a new tutorial every Tuesday and Thursday. I might someday be able to get up to three or more a week, but not until I have some help on the coding/server side of things!

Also on the tutorial note, of course, I posted two new ones this week. We're continuing our Five Minute React series with Part 9 - Version Control Part 2 and Part 10 - Installing Express. Coming next week we'll have Part 11 - Intro to Express 1 and Part 12 - Intro to Express 2.

Development and bug fixes! Here's what got done this week. The list would be longer, but … see server admin below.

  • Fixed reset password to not send people to dev
  • Fixed log-in page to not sometimes produce a 404
  • Fixed form field placeholders to be less visible
  • Got google analytics on the page
  • Switched to non-test google ads
  • Moved port to options.json for ease between servers
  • Added "gulp build-dev" and "gulp build-prod" tasks
  • Git Ignored built css and js files for ease between servers
  • Couple other misc fixes
  • A whole bunch of mail server testing

A reminder: if you're at all interested in helping out with CloseBrace, the github repo is open to the public and I'm happy to accept pull requests.

As far as server admin goes, basically I spent a bunch of time getting an SMTP server up and running because I don't like using Google's. It has a few quirks that make it hard for me to track things like flagged comments. Also, every email that sends to a user ends up in my sent mail box. There are ways around the former, but I'm less sure about the latter. I figured setting up my own version of Postfix made the most sense. Unfortunately, despite following several tutorials, the smtp server is still a) hard to access from my code and b) sounding out mails that get flagged as spam by google, which ain't gonna cut it. So ... more work lies ahead.

That's about it for this week. See you next time!

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