This Week in CloseBrace - 4/21/17

All right, we're back with another weekly update. Plenty of stuff happened this week, including but not limited to the release of two brand new tutorials! CloseBrace is humming along, getting better and more full of content day by day. A few more weeks of development and it'll be time to shift the focus to marketing for a bit and try to get more eyeballs on the site.

I started the week by doing some boring biz/bank stuff that I won't regale you with here. Just making sure that when it comes time to do taxes in 2018, I'm not overwhelmed!

After that, I posted Five Minute React 11 - Intro to Express Part 1 on CloseBrace. This tutorial dives into some of the files that the Express installation created and explains line-by-line what they're doing. It should be a handy primer for those who've never worked with Express before! I also wrote, recorded, and edited next Tuesday's tutorial.

On Wednesday, I spent some time brainstorming at the local coffee shop (as you can see on Instagram). I want to revamp my comments section to be better, with features like single-level threading and upvoting, but every time I dove into the code I found myself struggling to choose where to begin. Sometimes going out and sitting down with no PC or laptop, and only having pen and paper available, really helps me clear my head and focus. I was able to come back from that with a plan, and started implementing it immediately. There's still plenty of to do, but threading is already working:

Comment Threading/content/images/2017/04/thread2.png

Thursday saw the release of Five Minute React 12 - Intro to Express Part 2 in which we take a look at the rest of the files Express created, and give a quick overview of how routes and views work. Again, I also wrote, recorded, and edited next Thursday's tutorial. Lookin' good!

Today, well, I'm posting this blog update and sending out the weekly newsletter, and then it's back to the comment system! Really excited to get these changes finished and out there, as I think they'll be a vastly superior experience for users. I hope you'll all agree!

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