This Week In CloseBrace - 5/19/17

This week's been much better than last week! For example, my computer didn't self destruct. That's always a big plus. I spent the weekend rebuilding it, and by Monday was pretty much ready to go, which meant I could actually spend time developing, instead of repairing. Good stuff.

As usual, I was able to post two tutorials: Five Minute React 19 - Testing With Jest, in which we go over how JavaScript testing works and write a simple test that's designed to fail, and Five Minute React 20 - Testing an API Endpoint in which we build the API endpoint that our test was trying to test, thus causing it to pass.

I also wrote, recorded, and edited Five Minute React 21 - Working with ESLint and Five Minute React 22 - ESLint From The Command Line, both of which deal with linting our code to make sure it is consistent, error-free, and up to the latest JavaScript standards. I'll post those next week, at which time I'll also be recording the first episodes of Five Minute React that actually deal with React!

On the comments system front, I was able to clean up a bunch of code and get it converted to ES6 syntax (an ongoing project for CloseBrace's backend). I also built out a system for "+1"ing a comment which impacts both the comment's score and the user's overall score, with catches to make sure people don't game the system for themselves. This necessitated a bit of design work to make the comments look clean and not too choked with text, but I'm really happy with where they're at now. Future versions of the comment system will allow you to sort by comment score instead of post date, and I'll also be adding in some interesting stuff relating to user scores, but that's a ways down the road.

I'm hoping to roll comments to my beta testers this afternoon – I just need to get a system in place where users can opt to be emailed when someone replies to their comment. That should be straightforward (hah, famous last words!) so hopefully I can knock it out in a couple of hours.

Next week, I'm traveling from Thursday to the following Tuesday, so I'll likely be focused on making sure I get my tutorials written and recorded, rather than on development. I'll try to do a Friday update from wherever I am, but may miss it. If so, hopefully you can forgive me!

Talk to you soon.

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