This Week In CloseBrace - 5/25/17

Look at that ridiculous header image. Makes you want to start humming the Star Spangled Banner while a single tear rolls down your cheek, doesn't it? 😂

We're a day early, and this blog post is going to be short, because I'm about to hit the road for Syracuse, NY, to celebrate Memorial Day and my mom's birthday with my family. Aww yeah, BBQ and ice cream cake!

I'll be gone until Tuesday evening, but no fear, I spent the entire first half of the week writing, recording, and editing tutorials. I'm way ahead now, which is great! These upcoming tutorials are pretty cool: we finally get Webpack set up and start writing some React code. I'll be following them up with more about React components, and improving Webpack to do things like .scss compiling and hot-reloading, so we don't have to run our build every time we make a change to our .jsx files.

In the meantime, though, feast your eyes on this week's tutorials: Five Minute React 21 - Working With ESLint, in which we get ESLint up and running in Sublime Text, and Five Minute React 22 - ESLint from the Command Line, in which we use the CLI to run Eslint against many files at once, rather than having to hunt down code issues by opening and closing things in Sublime.

That's all I've got for now. I'll post another Tutorial on Tuesday morning before I head back to Providence. Hope everyone has a terrific Memorial Day weekend (or regular weekend if you don't live in the US). See you next week!

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