This Week In CloseBrace - 6/9/17

It's been a great week! I'm really happy with my progress this week; in addition to keeping myself ahead on tutorials, I was able to get back to the comments system and make some serious fixes and improvements. I have a few more tweaks to do this afternoon, but I think I can probably launch it later today. Check out the CloseBrace twitter for announcements.

So, tutorials: this week I posted Five Minute React 25 - Our First React Components, in which we build a simple test component and wire it into our React app, and Five Minute React 26 - Using Props In React which covers the basic of props, the main method by which React passes data from component to component.

I also wrote, recorded, and edited not two but three new tutorials, which allowed me to stay three tutorials ahead of schedule even coming off of a short vacation. Nice! These tutorials cover getting Webpack hot-reloading up and running (a two-parter), and then getting the various folders for our React app set up, along with some info about what Application State is.

On the comment-system front, I made significant improvements to the new comment system, most of them focused on allowing users to subscribe and unsubscribe from comment replies, better email notifications, and visual cleanup. I've got one or two more tweaks to make, but I think they'll go very fast, and they're so small I shouldn't need another round of beta testing. I'm really happy with this new system – it's not perfect, by a long shot, but it's a pretty solid system that should both work for the majority of use cases and be easier to improve moving forward than the previous system.

Next week I'll be focused on two things: writing more tutorials, and figuring out what the plan is for CloseBrace going forward. I'd like to do even more tutorials and articles, but I don't want to entirely stop development, either. This means it may be time to start looking toward outside resources, which means I have to figure out how to pay people. But more on that when I get to it. In the meantime, that's all I've got. Enjoy the weekend!

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