This Week In CloseBrace - 6/16/17

It's been a solid week here at CloseBrace. I've put out our standard tutorials, fixed a few annoying bugs, and started writing a mammoth article. I've also started putting together some thoughts on where I want to take the site, and how I can hopefully get there.

So let's talk tutorials. This week we posted a two-parter on Webpack hot-reloading, which makes React development wildly less annoying, since we no longer have to run our compiler in our terminal window every single time we make a change to our source. Handy! You can find these tutorials right here: Five Minute React 27 - Webpack Hot-Reloading Part 1 and Five Minute React 28 - Webpack Hot-Reloading Part 2.

I also wrote, recorded, and edited two new tutorials. In the first, we build out some of the basic components we'll need for our app. In the second, we dive into React routing and get that up and running. I'm three tutorials ahead right now. We're really starting to get into the nuts and bolts of building out our front-end app, which might be my favorite part of this whole process. Soon we'll be getting into actions, stores, state changes, and all that good stuff.

In addition to the tutorials, I spent a bunch of time working on an article I'm tentatively calling "A Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript" (but am considering calling "A Brief, Extremely Incomplete History of JavaScript"). The article is an attempt to explain where JavaScript came from, how web developers have used it over the course of the last 20 years or so, and why frameworks like jQuery, Backbone.js, and React.js have come to exist. It divides JavaScript's history up into four main eras, and talks a little about the challenges being faced by developers during those eras, and why they were important. I'm hoping to finish it up next week, but with this one I'm not going to post it right away — I want to have a few folks read it, contribute feedback, and maybe a few quotes.

Beyond all that, I fixed a few bugs on the website. Nothing major, just some minor annoyances.

That's about it! I'm working from New York City next week, so that'll be fun. I used to live in Brooklyn and I miss it pretty often, so I'm happy to be back around and seeing some friends.

Have a good weekend!

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