This Week In CloseBrace - 6/30/17

Been a busy, productive week over here at CloseBrace HQ (aka: my house). Upon returning from NYC, I found myself having cut into my tutorial buffer; I'd been three ahead, but was now only one ahead, with Tuesday looming. I'd wanted to do some recording in NYC, but was unable to do so due to, well, a dumb mistake on my part … I brought my recording gear, but failed to transfer the Adobe Premiere template files I've created to my Mac, which would've meant recreating all of the graphics, sounds, etc. that go with the videos, which didn't seem a good use of my time.

So, on Monday, I wrote, recorded, and edited a new video. Then on Tuesday, I wrote, recorded, and edited a new video. Then on Wednesday, I finished the first draft of my Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript article. Then on Thursday, I wrote, recorded, and edited a new video. This means I'm now back to two ahead, and should be able to get back to three or even four next week, which is handy, since I'm going to France for two weeks in August, which will probably be an actual vacation and not a work-cation!

Here are this week's posted tutorials: Five Minute React 31 - React Routing, in which we get client-side routing running in our React app, and Five Minute React 32 - Fixing Webpack, in which we not only fix a bug that tutorial 31 introduced with hot-reloading, but revamp the whole system a bit to be better and easier (including no longer requiring a second server to run).

As far as a Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript goes … want to read it? I'm looking for people to give me thoughts and feedback on the first draft. Anyone's welcome, although people who, like me, have been doing this stuff since the 90s are especially needed. I want to make sure that I'm both being factually accurate and correctly capturing the general feel of the different epochs I've outlined. If you're interested, drop me a line. It's not short (4,500 words), but I think it's a fun read!

Also on Tuesday, I had an excellent phone call with my former CEO from my GameSpy Industries days. He grilled me on my plans for CloseBrace, my vision, my business strategy, and several other areas. Deciding on the answers to many of his questions will help shape the coming six months or year's worth of strategy for the site.

As I said, it's been a productive week. Next week will bring tutorials on DRYing (Don't Repeat Yourself) our code a bit, and getting Bootstrap up and running with Webpack. Soon we'll be diving into writing a login page and its associated API endpoints, and wiring them together.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend!

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