This Week In CloseBrace - 7/7/17

I forgot that this was a holiday week. So, when I wished everyone a happy weekend last week, what I meant was "happy Fourth of July if you're in the US!" and when I said I'd probably be able to do three videos this week, what I meant was "no, I won't."

But that's OK! I actually haven't had my long weekend yet, it's coming on Friday. That's right, this newsletter is being written FROM THE PAST, so I can post it on Friday morning and then spend some time with my family. That means I did have four days this week in which to get some work done, but unfortunately all of Monday was spent figuring out why React didn't want to allow me to make a change to component state. If you're unclear what that means, don't worry … it's explained in next week's tutorials, which is good, since it means I did finally figure out the problem!

Speaking of tutorials, two new ones went up this week. We're into some fun stuff, now! First was Five Minute React 33 - DRYing Your Code, in which we create our first shared component in React and use it to cut down on code repetition. The second was Five Minute React 34 - Adding Bootstrap, in which we, wait for it … add Bootstrap 4 (alpha 6) to the project, parsed with Webpack, and do a bit of visual cleanup. I also recorded new tutorials on React classes and component state, and building out a Log In page for our app. Next up to write and record: getting our API set up to log people in, log them out, and register them, complete with email confirmation. That'll probably be more than two or three tutorials, in order to keep things short and clear.

Other stuff: I've continued having meetings with some really smart people in order to talk about the future of CloseBrace. I'm almost done with those, and then it'll be time to sit down and really plan things out. Also, I haven't forgotten that JavaScript History article. I've got some developers who've already given me some great quotes, but I'm still reaching out to a few others. I expect to publish it soon, though!

That's it for this week. If it's a holiday weekend where you live, I hope you enjoy it!

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