This Week In CloseBrace - 7/14/07

The long days of summer keep rolling by, and the tutorials keep coming! I also worked on a bunch of other stuff this week. Here's what's new.

First off, we posted two new tutorials, as usual. There's Five Minute React 35 - Classes and State, in which we learn about manipulating component state by creating a React class for our site's header. Then there's Five Minute React 36 - Building a Log In Page, in which we build out a page we'll use to log our users in once our API endpoints for that functionality are built. When will that happen? Next week, when Five Minute React 37 - API Endpoint: Registration and Five Minute React 38 - Log In and Log Out go live.

In addition to writing, recording, and editing those two tutorials this week, I also got a third one in, an introduction to Redux. That means I'm now three ahead again, and hoping to get to four next week, which will give me some cushion for a vacation I have coming up at the beginning of August.

I also spent some time with my Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript article and am very close to finished. I have a bunch of quotes and am working them in. Then I just need a section touching on the rise of JavaScript as a back-end solution, and a bit about debugging, and I think it'll be ready to go. Hoping to wrap it up next week, and debut it the week after that. It's a big one, and I'm going to promote it widely around the net, because I think lots of developers will find it interesting.

On Wednesday, I sat down and did some brainstorming about the future of CloseBrace. The site's still in its infancy and it may have to pivot more than once when it comes to approach. Ideas I'm considering include removing the ads entirely, moving to a sponsorship approach (wherein a single company can sponsor the site for periods of time), and gating a bit more of the content in order to drive subscriptions. There's a lot here already, with more to come, and it's time to start generating revenue so that I can hire some folks to help make the site even better! I still want to offer plenty of free content, and there's still a lot more thought and planning that needs to go into this, but I'd be remiss if I didn't spend some of my time working on the business aspects of, well, my business!

For now, CloseBrace continues apace. I'm starting to get a some really great comments on the site and on YouTube, and I'm enjoying helping people through any struggles they have. It's good to know people out there are gaining value from CloseBrace. That's why I launched the site, and that's why I'm excited about where the future will take it.

Have a great weekend!

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