This Week In CloseBrace - 7/28/17

We're back with another weekly update! Lots of great stuff happened this week, so let's jump right in.

Tutorials: I posted two this week, as usual. The first was Five Minute React 39 - A Basic Intro to Redux, in which we … mostly talk about Redux and get a general overview of how it works, but we do also install it! The second was Five Minute React 40 - Setting Up The Store, in which we create an extremely basic reducer, tie it into app state, and get our components reading data from the Store. I also wrote, recorded, and edited two new tutorials, keeping me four ahead as I roll into my August vacation.

Which reminds me … there will be only one tutorial posted next week, and only one tutorial posted the week after that! I'll be out of the country, enjoying stunning views of the Brittany coast (pictured above) and eating too much bread and chocolate. I'm going to try to post each tutorial on Wednesday, but it'll depend on what's going on. Regular updates will resume on Tuesday the 15th of August. Also, there will be no blog update or newsletter until August 18th.

In addition to tutorial work, I was able to spend some time on development, outreach, and studying. I updated CloseBrace to a newer version of Node, fixed a few minor things that had been annoying me about the site (the images on the index pages are less blurry now!), and cleaned up some stuff on the back-end. In addition to that, I spent several hours working on finalizing my plans for how the site's going to operate moving forward, and sent a few things to my mentors to take a look at. I also participated in a meeting of Rhode Island startup founders/CEOs who are looking to help bring even more tech into this state (and keep it here), and will be an active member of that group going forward. Finally, I did a bunch of research on Webpack optimization and preparation for production deployment, which helped a lot with the latest tutorials I'm working on.

Oh, and I helped a few folks with some issues they were running into while following the tutorials. Always feels good to get people up and running again.

That's it for this update. I hope everyone has a great first half of August. Catch you on the 18th!

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