This Week In CloseBrace - 8/18/2017

I'm back from two weeks visiting my in-laws at their 300 year-old summer home on the west coast of France (it's a rough life I lead …). I spent a little bit of time wandering around lovely, historic villages, and a whole lot of time walking on the beach, reading, and drinking Picon bière at cafés. Solid vacation!

I posted two tutorials during those two weeks, and have since posted two more, so I've got four new tutorials to highlight for you today. First off we've got Five Minute React 41 - Redux Actions, in which we create actions in order to manipulate the app state we keep in our Store. Then there's Five Minute React 42 - Redux Tools, in which we install some very useful dev tools that allow us to track what Redux is doing and manipulate state in real-time. Next up is Five Minute React 43 - Optimizing for Production Part 1, in which we talk about setting environment variables and use them to cut our Webpack build in half. Finally, there's Five Minute React 44 - Optimizing Part 2, in which we continue optimizing for production and cut our Webpack build in half again!

Next week I'll be publishing tutorials on Tuesday and Thursday morning, as usual. These tutorials will cover part of the process of getting our login page to talk to our API. The week after, we'll wrap that up and probably dive into other auth topics like user registration and password reset. As this series progresses and those following it become more comfortable with Express/React development (I hope!), these videos will feature more and more code with less nitty-gritty explanation, but I'll make sure to keep them short, informative, and light-hearted!

My gigantic history of JavaScript article will also be finished either next week or the week after that. It's nearly done, just a few more tweaks to make, but it's mostly a matter of how quickly I can restock my tutorial backlog and get some breathing room.

That's about it for this week. Have a great weekend!

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