This Week In CloseBrace - 9/8/17

It's a busy time here at CloseBrace HQ, aka: my home office, especially since this was a short week. I took Monday off, and the three-day weekend was a nice break that allowed me to focus on some tasks around the house, rather than coding and tutorials (and also to play plenty of video games).

Still, I got plenty done this week. On Tuesday and Thursday, as usual, I put out two tutorials. The first, Five Minute React 49, introduces us to the React component lifecycle as we build out a system to keep our React app synced up with our user session on the backend. This is a hugely important aspect of React development, and we'll be working with it a lot more in coming tutorials, but it's good to get started with something straightforward. The second tutorial is the fiftieth Five Minute React video posted to CloseBrace! That's a fun milestone. Five Minute React 50 covers adding a log-out link to the site, and wiring it into Redux actions and reducers.

I also wrote, recorded, and edited two new tutorials. Starting with Five Minute React 51, next Tuesday, we do a bit of refactoring, switching to asynchronous actions with Redux-Thunk and moving our API calls from our components to our reducers. It may seem weird to have not done this from the start, but I thought it was important to show how these things can be done in different ways, especially because it illustrates why moving code to the action files is valuable.

In addition to tutorial work, I continued working on my fall plans for CloseBrace. I'm going to be ramping up promotion in the coming weeks, and even spending a bit on advertising. It's time to get this content out to more people! On that note, I'll also be releasing my giant article, A Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript on Monday, and promoting that widely.

I've also found time to do a little coding. Something has made the +1 system on comments break, and I'm working on figure that out. Hoping to have the fix deployed later today.

That's about it for this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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