This Week In CloseBrace - 9/15/2017

It's been an incredibly productive week here at CloseBrace. In addition to producing tutorials and working on the site, I finally managed to get my JavaScript history article out the door on Monday!

Let's talk about that first. A Brief, Incomplete History of JavaScript is, despite the title, a fairly lengthy article chronicling JavaScript's rise from its earliest days to its present state, with an eye toward explaining why certain frameworks and approaches have risen to prominence as the problems being solved with JavaScript have changed. This article features quotes from Douglas Crockford, James K. Nelson, and Dori Smith. I'm very happy with it, think it's a really interesting read, and strongly suggest you go check it out!

In addition to the huge article, I also posted two new tutorials on Tuesday and Thursday. The first, Five Minute React 51 - Asynchronous Actions covers moving our log-out API call from components to action files using Redux-Thunk. The second, Five Minute React 52 - Refactoring Log-In continues in that vein by refactoring a somewhat more complex system, our log-in page. Next week will bring Five Minute React 53 - Final Action Refactoring in which we finish up by moving our session check into an action file. Then we'll get to new stuff with Five Minute React 54 - Building a Registration Page which covers … wait for it … building a registration page! We're closing in on being done with authentication, at which point we can move into cool things like communicating with an external API and saving / displaying users' collections of albums (need a refresher on what we're building? Check out An Introduction to MusicList).

I also wrote a bunch of code this week. In addition to some site cleanup, the main development focus was building out a system in which I can give content an "unlock date" separate from its publish date. This is going to help enable a new feature for CloseBrace Pro users: getting an early look at certain stuff. Basically, the content will be unlocked instantly for all pro subscribers, but will be cut off for regular users after the fourth paragraph until the unlock date. The page lists the date the content will be available to non-pro users, complete with countdown. This way, people who choose to subscribe get a new perk while the site continues to build an ever-increasing archive of useful free content. CloseBrace Pro starts at just five bucks a month. Interested in supporting the site? You can learn more here.

Seems like a solid week, right? It's exciting to see our project really becoming a functional application. There's more on the way, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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