This Week In CloseBrace - 9/29/17

Well, some weeks—like last week—are super productive, and some weeks are only regular productive. This was the latter. I spent Monday trying different approaches to a particular problem I'd run into with MusicList and running into issues with each of them. Then during my Tuesday morning run I thought of a solution that took ten minutes to implement and works fine. That's how it goes sometimes. Wednesday, I spent a bunch of time trying to upgrade this blog (the jump to Ghost 1.x requires a completely new install), only to determine that it requires an older version of Node that's incompatible with So that was frustrating, too!

It's not all doom and gloom though, I promise. I've got exciting new tutorials for y'all. In Five Minute React 55 - Sending to the Registration API, we wire up our actions and reducers for our registration form. In Five Minute React 56 - Registration Success Page, we create a page to let users know they were successfully registered, and make it work.

The next few tutorials will cover some stuff that may not be super sexy, but really helps your app feel complete and professional: error handling, and form validation. After that, we'll finish up with authentication stuff and move into the meat of the site: letting users look up and save their favorite bands and albums. This series has been longer than I expected it to be, but breaking things up into five minute chunks means it takes a while to build a complete app. I'm really happy with it, though – I think it does a good job of introducing new users to React and Node in a way that's accessible and fun. That said, I'm looking forward to writing some other tutorials, too!

That's about all I've got. I'm hoping that next week I'll be able to get more actual development in. As always, there'll be tutorials on Tuesday and Thursday, and a new update on Friday. See you there.

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