This Week In CloseBrace - October 20, 2017

It's been a solid week here at CloseBrace HQ. I've been very focused on content production lately, as it's become evident to me that while I'm very happy with the Five Minute React series, it's grown to a point where it may actually be intimidating for new CloseBrace users. I want something easier and more accessible.

To that end, I've written the scripts for the first two episodes of JS Quick Hits, which will be short tutorials that don't have to be followed in any particular order. I've also recorded and edited the first episode, and am recording and editing the second later today. I still haven't quite gotten into rhythm and figured out a schedule that'll allow me to produce this much content reliably, but I'm confident I can get there.

In the meantime, Five Minute React proceeds apace. First off this week we had Five Minute React 61 - Reset Password Part 2, in which we make sure our app correctly communicates to our user what's going on. Second we had a big one, Five Minute React 62 - Setting Up SMTP, in which we get set up with a free SMTP account from Mailgun and integrate it into our app.

Next week we'll have Five Minute React 63 - Securing Secrets, in which we'll get our API keys and various other sensitive data out of code that ends up in version control, and safely stored in a configuration file. Then we'll jump back to React development by building out a new password form in Five Minute React 64 - Save Password Part 1. That starts the last authentication project we'll be working on for a while; we're almost ready to move on to the music aspect of the app.

That's all I've got for this week. Have a great weekend!

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