This Week In CloseBrace - October 27th, 2017

Productivity: I has it! It's been a good week for video-making here at CloseBrace. That's been the primary focus, as I prepare to roll out a new series, and also made some updates to the existing one.

Let's talk Five Minute React first. I rolled out two new tutorials this week, as planned. These ones are pretty important! In the first, Five Minute React 63 - Securing Secrets, I show you a method for moving API Keys and other secret info out of your code (and therefor out of version control). In the second, Five Minute React 64 - Save Password Part 1, we get started with the final—for now!—piece of authentication functionality we need. Once we wrap that up (which will happen in next week's two tutorials, Five Minute React 65 - Save Password Part 2 and Five Minute React 66 - Save Password Part 3), we're moving on to letting users search and save albums and artists from a 3rd-party music database.

I wrote, recorded, and edited not two, not three, but four tutorials this week. Two of them were Five Minute React videos as usual, but I also put together two more videos for my upcoming JS Quick Hits series, which means I'm up to three of those, total: Intro to ES / ECMAScript, ES2015 Let & Const, and ES2015 Block Scope. Next up, I'll be tackling template literals. I want to be able to launch with a bunch of these at once, so I'll probably need to create at least seven before I can make the series public. The good news is: video creation for these should go faster moving forward, now that I have my template all set up and tested (gotta make sure those YouTube end screens line up and look good!).

Speaking of templates, I also finally got around to revamping the Five Minute React intro/outro screens. The old intro screen looked like this:

![Old YouTube Intro](/content/images/2017/10/cbintro-1.png)

Starting with video 64, the intro screen now looks like this:

![New YouTube Intro](/content/images/2017/10/cbintro2.png)

… pretty substantial improvement, huh? My only regret is that I can't make changes to existing YouTube videos.

That's about it. Next week will be more video production, as I attempt to set up a workable schedule that will allow me to produce two Five Minute React and two JS Quick Hits tutorials per week. It's aggressive, and I suspect I'm going to lose some weekend hours here and there on weeks when the research / writing just doesn't go as well as hoped, but hey, that's the startup life. For now, I'm happy with where I am, and hope to be bringing you more weekly content very soon!

Have a great weekend, Happy Halloween, and I'll see you next Friday.

*Image copyright: lenyvavsha / 123RF Stock Photo*
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