This Week In CloseBrace - November 3rd, 2017

It's been a week of learning here at CloseBrace HQ. I've moved into a new section of the Five Minute React series and am dealing with an outside API, and that's resulted in a lot of trial and error to get the data I want from it and massage it into usable form for the app we're building. Took some time to get used to it but I'm really happy with the results. Tutorials 68 - 70 or so might be the most fun stuff we've yet built!

I posted an extra tutorial this week, on Monday, giving us three total. First, in Five Minute React 64.5 - Fix The Production Build, we fix a nagging bug that made the production build stop working back around tutorial 45, when we introduced async / await. Next, in Five Minute React 65 - Save Password Part 2, we create the actions and reducers necessary to allow users to save new passwords. Then, in Five Minute React 66 - Save Password Part 3, we finish things up by making sure our page alerts a user when their password's been successfully saved. That's it for authentication, for the moment.

Next week, we'll set up an account with a 3rd party music data provider in Five Minute React 67 - Setting Up An External API, and then we dive right into searching for albums and displaying the results with Five Minute React 68 - Search Albums. That's a fun one, and starting with it, I'm experimenting with tutorials that move a little faster and provide more code with a bit less explanation. I figure by now readers / viewers shouldn't need as many recaps of what we're doing. This means writing more code ahead of time (can't tell you how to do something until I've done it, after all!), which is a bit more time-consuming than I expected.

What all this means is that basically this week was all Five Minute React, and that's OK. I wasn't able to do much on JS Quick Hits this week, and that's also OK. I'm still working out scheduling, and if that series has to wait a bit while I hammer out Five Minute React, I'm OK with that. I'm ready to get this thing done and move on to other, shorter tutorial series (or stand-alone entries)!

I also had some biz meetings this week. Nothing major … Facebook's not trying to aqui-hire me or anything. Just meetings with some friends/mentors to get some advice on the business side of things. It's very close to a year since I started in on this endeavor, and while I'm proud of all I've done, there are steps that need to be taken to make sure it can actually support me financially. This may result in some changes to the way users access CloseBrace tutorials. We'll see. For now, things are going to roll on as usual.

Have a great weekend!

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