This Week In CloseBrace - November 9th, 2017

We're a day early today, because tomorrow is a day off. I know, it seems like I just took one of those. America is weird. We stack like three quarters of our long weekends into the last four months of the year. Then it's nothing but icy wasteland with no joy from January to May. Unless you celebrate President's Day … which I probably will, because February is miserable around these parts.

BUT I DIGRESS! Let's talk tutorials. This week I posted two new Five Minute React tutorials. The first, Five Minute React 67 - Setting Up An External API, has us getting set up with Discogs, a 3rd party music database with an unbelievable amount of albums and artists and a handy free API from which we can gather data. The second, Five Minute React 68 - Search Albums brings in a major amount of new code and has us successfully connecting to and displaying results from the Discogs API in our MusicList app! Yes, we're finally getting to the real meat of this series.

We'll be following that up next week with Five Minute React 69 - Add Album Front-End and Five Minute React 70 - Add Album Back-End, which will allow our users to save albums to their profile. After that, we'll set up our site to actually save albums and artists from the API to our local DB, thus reducing the need for API hits, and then move into adding artists (which will be fast, since we lay down much of the groundwork in the albums set of tutorials).

Much of this week was spent putting together and testing the code for that "save albums and artists to our local DB" tutorial. It's a fairly complex system involving multiple requests to both the Discogs API and our local DB, all to do something that happens behind the scenes and appears completely seamless to the user. That's … well, that's software development, my friends. Finding the best way (OK, at least, a good way) to do something that most people won't even realize is happening is a core part of building applications.

I've also spent a bunch of time on biz stuff this week. Don't have much to talk about here, but we're closing in on the one-year anniversary of this project, and it's probably time to make some course corrections. No worries: Five Minute React is going to go until it's done. After that, I may change the focus a bit. We'll see! I'm still talking to my mentors and advisors about the best course of action.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend, whether it's a long one or not!

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