This Week In CloseBrace - December 1, 2017

Welcome back. I hope everyone from the US had a great Thanksgiving, and the rest of you had a great weekend! Tons to talk about this week, so let's dive right in.


I've posted four tutorials since last we spoke. Here they are:

Next week will bring Five Minute React 75 - Wire Up Remove Buttons which … seems self-explanatory, and Five Minute React 76 - Upgrade Node and React, in which we move to the new LTS version of Node (8.9.1) and then upgrade to React 16.

CloseBrace User Survey

I'm taking a survey of my readers to find out more about you, so I can better mold CloseBrace to your needs moving forward. If you have a minute, please check out this email I sent earlier this week. You can send me your responses by clicking my name at the bottom of that page.

Five Minute React Is Almost Done!

I believe there are less than twenty, and possibly as few as ten, tutorials left for me to create in this series. The MusicList app is, as of tutorial 75 or so, actually pretty complete. There are of course plenty of features that could be added, but that's not really the point of these tutorials. Essentially all that's left to cover, that we haven't covered before, is optimization and deployment. Those are complex subjects, but not so complex that we can't wrap this all up in early 2018. I'm looking forward to getting that done and tackling some new topics!

Just a note: currently I expect there will be no tutorials posted during the week of the 24th - 30th, and possibly the following week as well. I'll firm that up in the next couple of weeks.

The Future of CloseBrace

On a related note, with a year having passed since I started on this project, I've had to take a good look at where it's at and where I wanted it to go. I never expected Five Minute React to last this long, and it's been a bit too easy to just focus on cranking out the content without determining if it's content people want to see.

I'm working with a consultant now to refine the approach. It's very likely that CloseBrace will be ditching both the ads and the subscription model, and moving to a system where the site provides a combination of free and paid content (with the payments being one-off purchases). I'll explain more as I work things out, but I think this is a more viable long-term approach.

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