This Week In CloseBrace - December 12th, 2017

Been a busy week here at CloseBrace HQ. I've got tutorials for you, along with some new development info. Let's do it!


This week I posted Five Minute React 77 - Improving The Home Page, in which we wrap up principal coding on our MusicList app! From here on out, everything is about optimization and deployment. In fact, we dove right into that with Five Minute React 78 - Final Webpack Optimizations, in which we reduce our Webpack bundle size by a ridiculous 17x (once we factor in gzip), taking it from over 4.7 MB down to a slim 285 KB for JS and CSS!

Next week we have just a single tutorial for you. It'll go live on Wednesday, and will cover finding and rectifying various vulnerabilities in Express, making our server a lot less susceptible to DOS attacks and other malicious actions. There will be no blog update / newsletter.

The week after that is Christmas week, which I'll be celebrating with my family in upstate New York. No tutorials, blog post, or newsletter! But we'll resume our schedule on Tuesday, January 2nd, by creating a server at DigitalOcean, and then creating a superuser for that server on Thursday.

We're very close to the end of Five Minute React. It's been a long journey … I hope you'll stick with me for the final few installments!


I've been working on some stuff that I think will be of interest/use to people who've enjoyed my Express.js tutorials (both the standalone ones and the early Five Minute React ones). Can't say too much yet, but it'll be coming soon. I'm also doing early concept work on a redesign of the home page and a few sub-pages to make the site's purpose much clearer, and help people find the content.


That's it for this week, month, and year. Since I won't be posting next week, I hope everyone reading this has a terrific holiday season, regardless of which holiday they happen to celebrate. Stay safe, stay warm, and I'll see you in 2018!

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