This Week In CloseBrace - January 19th, 2018

Some big stuff to talk about this week, including the end of several eras for CloseBrace. Let's get to it!


As expected, I posted the final episode of Five Minute React this week. Five Minute React 84 - Secure MongoDB and Finalize helps you set up an administrator user account for MongoDB, and then make a few tweaks to your MusicList app before getting it up and running!

With Five Minute React finally finished, I'm taking a step back to evaluate what I should do next. Currently the most likely next two projects are a Vue.js series, and a React Native series. I'm also working on some shorter stuff for Express. More on that in the coming weeks!

CloseBrace Changes

So, we've finished the Five Minute React era. We've also finished the advertising-supported era. As of yesterday, all CloseBrace content, both on the site and on YouTube, is ad-free. I've decided that ads aren't the way I want to make money with this website. Similarly, the subscription service is going to be going away soon (references to it on the website have also been mostly removed). In the future, my plan is to release a mixture of free and paid content – the latter will be available in packs at a flat price. Buying a pack of tutorials will also come with support and other benefits. I'm still working out the plan, but I think it'll allow me to produce better content, faster, by not having to adhere to a weekly release schedule and not having to worry about whether I'm optimizing the content for ad views.

Another significant change: I'm revamping the weekly newsletter. For a long time it's just been a copy of this blog. NO LONGER! The new newsletter is going to be concise and very focused on JavaScript training. There will be a short section for announcing new CloseBrace content, then a weekly "JS Quick Hit" – a mini-tutorial that explains a specific JavaScript concept, like Array.find(), and then a Question of the Week. Some weeks I will also highlight certain JavaScript resources that may be of interest to readers. Sound like something you might like? You can sign up using the box to the right (or down below if you're on mobile)!

Other Stuff

I'll be posting a Five Minute React follow-up video next week. Nothing long, just a short thank you to everyone who's stuck with the series. I'm also working on a really nifty set of gifts to give to people who sign up for my mailing list (don't worry, if you're already signed up, you get them too!). These include an awesome cheat sheet, a new tutorial(!), and more.

Busy, busy. Lots of stuff done, and lots more to do. I'll see you next week with a whole bunch of new info!

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