This Week In CloseBrace - January 26th, 2018

It's been an insanely productive week over here at CloseBrace HQ. Since finishing up Five Minute React, I've been working on a bunch of changes to the site, to my newsletter, and more. Let's get to it!


I didn't post any tutorials this week … or did I?! I actually did post a short tutorial about converting your existing Express.js app from MongoDB to MySQL, but it's only available as a perk for people who sign up to get my Express.js Cheat Sheet. Which, to be honest, is something you should grab anyway! So [go do that]((, and you'll also get access to the MySQL tutorial as well.

Other Stuff

Well, there's that cheat sheet I mentioned up above, but I also posted a short wrapup video for Five Minute React, as promised. You can check it out here or on over on YouTube. I categorized it as a "tutorial" so it'd go in the same index as the rest of Five Minute React, but the only thing you're going to learn in it is that I'm still not very good at remembering to look at the camera while I'm talking!


I've pulled the ads off of CloseBrace. Additionally, I made a bunch of back-end changes to fix some issues relating to upgrading my CMS. Exciting, I know! I also re-did all of the title cards for the Five Minute React series, which is a big improvement over a bunch of screenshots of code. I've also continued with my newsletter change. It's no longer a copy of this blog, and is instead really focused on delivering JavaScript knowledge, in the form of links to my tutorials, but also a weekly micro-tutorial on a JS topic (this week's newsletter, coming out shortly, covers Array.filter()). Sound interesting? Sign up using the box to the side (or below on mobile), or at this dedicated page.

That's it for this week! See you next Friday.

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