This Week In CloseBrace - April 13th, 2018

It's been a busy week here at CloseBrace HQ. Principal work has actually been almost entirely on Five Minute React. I realized near the end of last week that a tutorial series I just began charging for is really hard to follow now due to version changes. After considering a few strategies, I decided on updating the tutorials to version-lock all of the modules they use. I'm about halfway through the updates, and am actually re-building the app as I go along to make sure everything works, and so far this strategy has proven flawless. Everything just works. In going back over the course, I've been able to see it as a complete product for the first time, and I'm really proud of it!

It does mean somewhere down the line I'll need to update the videos. For now I'm just going to provide a short document explaining what's changed. The answer for nearly all of the videos is "not very much" so it should be fine.

This also opens up the possibility of a new React series somewhere down the line, covering all of the great new stuff that's currently being introduced (maybe "React 2019" or something, early next year). I don't think Five Minute React is obsolete at all right now – nearly all of the core concepts it introduces translate just fine to today's React environment, and actually make it much easier to get up to speed with some of the most recent changes. Also, the vast majority of production code in real-world apps using React does not yet take advantage of the new stuff.

I also posted JS Quick Hits 12 - Arrow Functions Part 1, and wrote, recorded, and edited the sequel, which went out to my newsletter subscribers today, and will hit the site next Wednesday.

Solid week! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have forty-ish more tutorials to update. Hoping to be done with them and back to the React Native app next week.

See you then!

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