This Week In CloseBrace - April 20, 2018

Lots of stuff got done this week, which is how I like to start off a blog post! There was some tutorial updating, some tutorial creation, some site updating, and some mobile app development.

First and foremost, I finished updating Five Minute React, which I'm really happy about. I went with a strategy of version-locking basically everything, which means the tutorial will remain robust and not break as new versions of various modules come out. This should keep the tutorial useful for a long time with minimal future updates.

On the JS Quick Hits front, I posted JS Quick Hits 13 - Arrow Functions Part 2, in which we talk about scope and how this works with arrow functions. I mention this every week, but reminder that you can get these tutorials five days early by subscribing to my weekly newsletter. 2,600+ readers can't be wrong!

Let's talk development. I spent some evenings working on the site this week. For one, I removed tags from the site because no one uses them and they add to visual clutter. I also made some fixes to the search results. I also began laying some grounwork to allow more flexibility for paid courses, including more easily breaking them up into various tiers, and also more easily offering coupons and discounts.

I also spent a bunch of time on the React Native app I'm building for the next set of tutorials. In particular this week I worked on getting navigation up and running so that users can actually switch between screens, which seems handy. I also improved how I was working with Facebook's Flow typing system, updated some classes to use the latest ES2017 syntax, and started breaking things out into smaller, easier to read modules. Finally, I also began working with the actual logic for snagging podcast RSS and MP3s from the internet. Lots still to do, but next week is going to be basically all React Native coding, so I should make a ton of progress!

That's about all I've got this week. See you next Friday.

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