This Week In CloseBrace - April 27th, 2018

To say that it's been a busy week is an understatement, but here we are, understating things: it's been a busy week!

Early in the week, I was focused on developing a brand new seven-email first look at Five Minute React. If you've been considering signing up for the course, you can now get seven of the lessons for free, delivered to your inbox over the span of seven days!

After that, I spent a bunch of time on the mobile app we'll be creating in my upcoming React Native course. It's really coming along now, and I'm hoping to finish it up before I head off to MicroConf on Tuesday.

Speaking of which: I'm headed off to MicroConf on Tuesday! It's a short conference for people who have bootstrapped their own business (ie: not taken any investor money), which describes CloseBrace exactly. I'll be listening to folks who've been through the ringer and built a profitable, sustainable business, and hopefully learning lots of great stuff from them. I'll be tweeting about it from the CloseBrace twitter account if you want to follow along.

On the tutorial front, I posted JS Quick Hits 14 - ES2015 Promises. Of course, subscribers to my weekly newsletter got that tutorial last wednesday, and got a new tutorial (async / await) in their inbox this morning. I actually wrote, recorded, and edited two tutorials this week, so I'll have something all ready to go for next friday's newsletter, even though I've got the conference and will be spending most of Friday in a plane. Hooray, advanced planning!

That's it for this week. I'll try to post a blog update next Friday, but it might be two weeks until the next one. Either way, see you there!

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