This Week In CloseBrace - February 16th, 2018

Lots of stuff going on this week. Let's talk about it!


This week I posted JS Quick Hits 4 - For / Of Loop, in which we cover the new loop introduced with ES2015 that lets you move quickly through arrays and array-like types in JavaScript. I also wrote and recorded JS Quick Hits 5 - Variable Destructuring, which I'll post next week. Of course, if you're a subscriber to my weekly email list, then it's already in your inbox!


I pushed a few very minor site tweaks live this week. Nothing that makes any difference to end-users, I'm afraid. The next major thing on my list is to redesign the homepage, which right now is confusing and possibly terrifying. Those aren't the kind of adjectives you want to use when describing your website, so I'll be working to fix that.

Dead Simple React Native

That's the title of my next tutorial series. I spent time this week getting a little app up and running on my phone, just to get familiar with the React Native environment. Once I'd done that, I moved backwards to the sketchbook, figuring out the screens I'll need to produce the sample app we'll be building in the course. Once I'd done a bunch of sketching (which was super useful in helping me realize I'd missed a bunch of stuff in my initial text outline), I moved over to Photoshop and started designing some mockups, which I'm importing to Invision so that I can have a few friends comment on them.

Next week, I'll be working a lot more on getting that sample app put together and actually running on a phone. I'll also have some screenshots for you to check out, although I did release a sneak-peek on Twitter already!

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