This Week In CloseBrace - February 9th, 2018

Another solid week in the books! This week I made a bunch of changes to CloseBrace, published a bunch of new tutorials, got set up to provide weekly content moving forward even as I build out my new series, and I started digging into the stuff I'll need to master to build that next series. Let's get started!


Let's talk about JS Quick Hits. That's my new set of short, simply tutorials on all kinds of JavaScript subjects. Three of them went up on Wednesday, and I'll be posting a new video / text tutorial every Wednesday from here on out.

Want to get in on the tutorials five days early? You can get them in your inbox every Friday by subscribing to my newsletter. As a bonus, signing up gets you an extra JS Quick Hit not available to anyone else right in the confirmation email.

CloseBrace Improvements

I worked on a bunch of under-the-hood stuff this week, but there were a few things that were public-facing. One of them is the newsletter subscribe page mentioned above. The other is a revamp of the tutorials index that vastly improves it compared to what it was before (just a gigantic list of tutorials with no organization except by date released).


I spent some time this week playing around with React Native, and have confirmed that my next tutorial series will focus on that technology. It'll take you through building a very simple mobile application, with a focus on the stuff that truly makes a mobile app different from a web app – swiping, access to phone data, etc. I'll have more info on that next week, because I'm going to spend most of next week working in React Native and building out the same stuff I'm going to teach you how to build.

This doesn't mean I'm giving up on Vue.js! I'll be working on that ASAP as well. But after spending a few hours with React Native, I just don't think it makes sense not to do it first. It's too similar to React, and I think a lot of people who enjoyed Five Minute React will find it very comfortable and fun to work with.

That's about all I've got this week. See you next time!

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