This Week In CloseBrace - March 23rd, 2018

It's been another busy week here at CloseBrace HQ. I spent the bulk of the week building out the systems I needed to turn Five Minute React into a paying course. This involved getting the Stripe checkout module up and running, then creating a thanks page, an API endpoint for my CMS, some emails, and so forth.

That's done and launched, now, although I still have some tweaks to do moving forward. I've also been updating some of the earlier tutorials to recommend current Node versions, among other things. I plan to do a round of updates to the text in the coming days, and hope to re-do the videos soon.

I also posted JS Quick Hits 9 - Ternary Operators this week as well. A reminder: you can always get these quick hits five days early by signing up for my weekly newsletter.

Next up, I'm diving into React Native. I'm going to build the podcast app I featured a few weeks ago. That'll probably take me all of next week and maybe more, but I'll post updates here and on twitter as things go along.

See you next time!

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