This Week In CloseBrace - March 9th, 2018

It's been another busy week for CloseBrace. I don't think there are any other kinds of weeks here ... that's what happens when you're one dude running an entire business! Let's get to the highlights.


I posted JS Quick Hits 7 - Template Literals on Wednesday, which covers a handy new way to do string concatenation (among other things) in ES 2015. If you've been seeing stuff like this:

const str = `Hello there, ${username}`

And wondered how all of it works, well … go find out!

And remember, you can always get these tutorials (video and text) five days in advance by signing up for CloseBrace Weekly.


Holy crap, I redesigned the homepage! Gone is the endless dump of tutorials that was confusing and intimidating for new users and largely useless for returning ones. In its place is a sleek, simple new design that talks about what CloseBrace is, and focuses on getting people onto the mailing list.

Why am I pushing the mailing list so hard? Well, it's simple, really: the people hitting CloseBrace are mostly coming in from SEO. Some of them will find what they're looking for, some won't. The ones who really click with the site are the ones most likely to sign up for the newsletter, and those are the customers who I most want to hear from. By getting them on the email list, I can get their feedback on the site and the tutorials, learn more about what they're looking to learn, and, of course, also promote new courses to an audience that I know is highly interested in what I have to say and might, you know … actually pay me for it.

And in the end, that's what it's gotta be about. If CloseBrace is to continue, it needs to level up in the revenue-generated department. So I'm taking the steps needed to make that happen!

Other Stuff

Oh, I also removed the sidebars from the entire site, and made a bunch of under-the-hood changes. I think it looks sleeker and more modern, and it certainly makes it easier for users to just focus on the content.

Next week I'm going to be working on moving Five Minute React to a paid platform. If you're in the middle of taking it, don't worry - I'll be offering 100% discount codes for a limited time, but once again you'll need to be on the mailing list to get those, so sign up if you haven't already!

I'm also hoping to really dive into the React Native course next week. I don't have a date for that yet, but as soon as I feel confident on one I can hit, I'll announce it here.

See you next Friday!

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